Reducing the need for glasses at the time of cataract surgery

By: Damon Welch M.D. & Daniel Welch M.D. Cataract surgery is an extremely successful surgery. With cataract surgery, we have the ability to restore vision lost over time from the natural clouding of the lens, which occurs with age. In addition, special instruments allow us to measure the eye and lessen the dependence on glasses… Read More

May is Healthy Vision Month! Article By: Chelsea Hollier, O.D.

Healthy Vision Month is celebrated every May in the US to emphasize the importance of eye health. Healthy Vision Month is a time to stress the importance of vision and allow patients to learn how to keep their eyes healthy. Routine eye exams can help your eye doctor prevent, diagnose, and treat vision problems and… Read More

Demystifying the Eyedrop Aisle by Daniel Smith, O.D.

Many eye disorders can be treated effectively with eye drops and products found over the counter at the local pharmacy and grocery stores. But with so many options on the shelves, finding the right product for your needs can be overwhelming and confusing. Your eye doctor can provide you with specific recommendations based on your… Read More

Doc, I Have Type II Diabetes. Will I go blind?

By: William Corkins, O.D. Patients who present with a diabetes history are worried about their vision.  If the patient has type II Diabetes, the following is the discussion I have with the patient to simplify the process that occurs in a person with diabetes.

A Watery Dry Eye – By: Dr. Courtney Beaumont, O.D.

A Paradox Gritty, sandy, scratchy… watery? Can all those words be used to describe dry eye? In short, yes! Dry Eye Syndrome is a mystery for patients because the symptoms can be variable! Paradoxical Dry Eye is what eye doctors call Dry Eye Syndrome in patients whose main symptom is constant tearing. So, grab your… Read More


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