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Cataract Chart

By: Damon Welch M.D. & Daniel Welch M.D.

Cataract surgery is an extremely successful surgery. With cataract surgery, we have the ability to restore vision lost over time from the natural clouding of the lens, which occurs with age. In addition, special instruments allow us to measure the eye and lessen the dependence on glasses and contact lenses, even in patients who have had thick glasses and poor vision without correction before surgery.

In addition to standard lens implant surgery, which is covered by insurance, we offer various individualized surgical options to fit the needs of our patients.

For patients who want the best distance vision possible and don’t mind wearing reading glasses, we recommend our Custom Matched Lens or astigmatism correcting lens option. With our Custom Matched Lens option, we measure the corneal asphericity and match this to the appropriate lens to neutralize it. Asphericity is a focusing error that cannot be corrected by glasses or contact lenses. By offsetting it with the appropriately selected implant lens, vision can be corrected better. This option gives patients the sharpest possible vision going from day to night. For appropriate patients, we have been using a new intraocular lens. This innovative design provides an extended range of vision. These lenses provide high-quality distance vision without glare or halos and an increased ability to see up close. Many patients find that they are able to read moderate size print without reading glasses. With our custom-matched lens option, we can also correct low levels of astigmatism in a cost-effective manner. For patients with higher amounts of astigmatism, we recommend astigmatism correcting lens implant.

For patients who want to be less dependent on reading glasses, the most common surgical option we use is called Blended Vision. With this option, one eye’s vision is focused near for an arm’s-length focus, and the other eye is fine-tuned for far away distance vision. The goal is to get patients where they can do 80 to 90% of their daily activities without glasses. However, glasses will still be needed to read small print, read road signs, and drive at night.

Multifocal lenses are an alternative to Blended Vision. These lenses provide patients with the most spectacle independence. These lens implants split the light so that part of the light goes to distance, part to near and/or intermediate vision, and a portion of the light is lost due to the multifocal optics. These lens implants cause glare, halos, and spiderwebs that are particularly noticeable when driving at night. You are sacrificing some brightness and clarity of vision to gain independence from reading glasses. We offer and use these lenses on select motivated patients who understand their trade-offs.

Example of an Intraocular lens insert

We understand costs are a concern. We strive to offer patients the safest, most cost-effective surgical solutions that fit their lifestyles.

We are meticulous and take eye surgery very seriously; understanding patients will use their vision every minute they are awake for the rest of their lives.

We offer convenient surgery at our two Medicare-certified surgery centers in Winter Haven and Sebring, Florida. In addition, same-day surgeries are available throughout the week for those traveling from outside the area. So let us and our amazing team serve your eye care needs.

Daniel Welch, M.D. and Damon Welch, M.D. are both Board-Certified Ophthalmologists specializing in Cataract & Laser surgery at the Sebring and Winter Haven locations for Eye Specialists of Mid-Florida. Dr. Damon Welch also performs eyelid surgeries. To schedule an appointment, please call 800-282-3937 or visit us online at EYESFL.COM.

Dr. Damon Welch & Dr. Daniel Welch