Post-Operative Care

After surgery, you may eat a normal diet. You should resume any discontinued medications including blood-thinners and may watch TV and walk with assistance. You will need to bring a pair of sunglasses as well as the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops that you purchased prior to surgery. An additional drop, an artificial tear, will be given to you on the day of surgery as well as written instructions on how to care for the operated eye.

The eye is examined within the first day or two after surgery and again a week or two later to be sure that all is going well. The only restriction after the micro-incision cataract and lens implant surgery is to avoid getting dust, dirt, or dirty water in the eye for one to two weeks. All other normal activities can be resumed the day after surgery.

Bathing may be done from the neck down. You may wash your face using a damp, warm washcloth while avoiding the operated eye for two days. After three days you may resume your shower/shampooing routine.

It is normal for the eye to feel somewhat scratchy for the first day or two and then intermittently for several weeks after surgery. During this period, matter may accumulate on the lashes, especially overnight. If needed, the lashes may be cleaned with sterile gauze soaked with sterile eyewash, being careful not to press on the eye.

Again, proper post-operative care and patience are very important to a successful outcome after cataract surgery. Three to five weeks after the surgery, the eye is well-healed and at this time new glasses will be prescribed to fine-tune the distance and/or reading vision, if needed. The glasses may need to be updated one or two times during the first post-operative year.


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