Continuous Vision

Our Blended Vision Program was developed to provide our patients with an opportunity to reduce their dependency on glasses following cataract surgery. The program incorporates our Custom Matched Aspheric (CMA) Lens implants and our ability to focus your eyes on multiple ranges of vision. The most important part of our program is understanding your visual needs. Our goal is for you to accomplish 80% of your hobbies and daily activities without being dependent on glasses.

After learning your individual needs we utilize state of the art specialized testing before cataract surgery which allows our doctors to measure your eyes natural asphericity (curvature) and match it with the lens implant that best fits your eye.

Once the optimum CMA lens implant has been selected, the brain’s natural ability to give you a continuous range of vision allows us to blend the vision between your eyes from distance to intermediate vision. You will then be able to enjoy having the ability to see far for driving as well as most common intermediate range activities such as using your cell phone and working on your computer.

With all of the benefits that our blended vision program offer there will likely be circumstances such as reading small print or for extended periods of time that you will have a need for glasses. Driving at night may also require the use of glasses.


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