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Halloween Eye Safety
Dustin Dixon, O.D.

Knock knock…trick or treat…

A lot of your neighbors might be tempted to choose trick over treat during COVID Halloween 2020. If you plan to partake in the Halloween festivities of 2020, please do so with a clear vision of safety. The following are some of my pointers to observe good Halloween safety.

  1. If you plan on abiding by a 6-foot distance, please make sure to have the candy seekers wear safety glasses if you plan on throwing, sling shooting, or using any other form of a projectile to get candy to that cute kid dressed up as superman. In all seriousness, please do not use projectiles at all to deliver candy.
  2. Do not under any circumstance use any contact lens you got from the flea market, supermarket, convenient store, or amazon. Only use contact lenses under the supervision of an eye care provider.
  3. Check for cars and curbs. It’s hard to see when it’s dark outside…trust me; I know what people can actually see. With  masks on, it is even harder to see. I would be happy not to see  you for an orbital fracture because you did not see that curb and face-planted into Mrs. Green’s statue of Rex, her most favorite dog.
  4. Getting ready and all dolled up…be careful. A hair curler to the eye does hurt a lot…because it is really hot! Scissors to the eye  while trying to get those artificial lashes are not a good idea. Button to the eye because you thought you could fit into those pants from the ’80s…be careful, Marty!
  5. Alcohol dries eyes and makes you see double, drink responsibly, or not at all. Remember Uber and Lift.
  6. Have fun, be safe, and watch out for kids or adults acting like kids.

If you do have any eye-related problems, please give us a call, 800-282-3937. The doctors and staff at Eye Specialists of Mid-Florida are happy to help. Dr. Dixon will see patients in the new location for Eye Specialists of Mid-Florida on Harden Boulevard in Lakeland.