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It is that time of year for all to enjoy the cooler temperatures. Fall has arrived and we will be on the lookout for ghosts, goblins, superheroes, and other frightful creatures. As Halloween descends upon us, the Eye Specialists of Mid Florida family would like to remind you of some eye safety tips to better enjoy the haunted evening.

While darkness arrives a bit later this year, it is very important to dress for the darkness. Reflective clothing and/or bright costumes help others see you. Having a flashlight, glow stick, or a lightsaber will ensure that other trick-or-treaters easily see you.

Try not to have sharp or pointed props. In the excitement of the evening, it is easy for an eye injury to occur. Smaller props like wands, while they may not be sharp can easily end up poking someone in the eye.

Make sure that your costume allows you to see easily through it. Many costumes limit the field of vision making it easier to fall or to run into things you wouldn’t readily see. Larger eye openings for masks make the evening much easier to navigate safely. Wearing an eye patch may add the final touches to your costume, but depth perception is notably compromised when only looking with one eye. Use caution if the eye patch is a must.

Costume makeup makes the evening ghoulishly spooky. Using hypo-allergenic makeup can be much easier on the eyelids and surround facial tissue.

Off the shelf colored, cosmetic or theatrical contact lenses can really make your eyes look fiendishly haunted. There are so many options with the internet at our fingertips, but…..Buyer Beware!!!!! You should never buy contact lenses that haven’t been approved by your eye doctor. Many of the lenses online are not FDA approved and all contact lenses sold are to have a valid prescription written for them by your eye doctor. All patients should have had appropriate instruction for the handling, insertion, removal, and care for their contacts before beginning to wear them. Wearing contact lenses that your eye doctor has not approved for you can increase your risks of some serious eye infection that can lead to blindness. 

Our family at Eye Specialists of Mid Florida wishes you a Hauntingly Safe Halloween!

By: Stuart Harrell, O.D.